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Palma de Mallorca’s spiritual lighthouse

The Cathedral of Mallorca is much more than an architectural masterpiece. It is a spiritual beacon that lights the way for those seeking peace, inspiration, and a deeper connection to the divine. It is a symbol of the religious and cultural heritage of the island, and a visit to this architectural marvel is an experience that leaves a lasting imprint on the soul of those who visit it.

The origins of the construction go back to the conquest of Mallorca in 1229 by King Jaume I of Aragon, who ordered the use of the old mosque as a temple for Christian worship. Today, the Cathedral is the result of more than seven centuries of history, being a living temple in which we find such outstanding interventions as the reform of Antoni Gaudí or that of Miquel Barceló.

Self-assembling wooden model, no glue needed

Recommended age: over 14 years old

Assembly time: 8 hours

Pieces: 348

Scale: 1:333

Model dimensions: 36 x 21 x 22 cm

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and German

Box dimensions: 33 x 19.5 x 5,8 cm

In collaboration with:

Catedral de Mallorca
Maqueta Catedral de Mallorca
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