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Authentic Medieval Essence

It is a medieval architectural jewel of irregular shapes that houses thousands of tourists to cross the Fluvià river and enter the village of Besalú, in whose historical center Middle Ages are breathed through all its corners. This magnificent bridge welcomes us to live an experience that will be forever engraved in our memory.

The Besalú bridge is original from the 11 th century, but the reconstruction works were carried out in 1316. On the scaffolding, the officers follow Pere Baró’s orders, chiseling the stones and ashlars. The pallets make sure that the pillars are very compact so that the structure is firm and stable, flood-proof. The silhouette is outlined, and the pillars are raised by the nine arches that the first part of the bridge must have before making an angle to the right, from the central tower, so as not to break the current of the water. At this point the “pagus” was established, the toll that everyone who entered Besalú had to pay. Sorne workers shape the road that has to cross the bridge. There are others who oversee making the siding, a wide space on the sides of the narrow road where the cavalry and people will be set aside to leave the passage free.

Self-assembling wooden model, no glue needed

Recommended age: over 14 years old

Assembly time: 3 hours

Pieces: 123

Scale: 1:200

Model dimensions: 73 x 11 x 15 cm

Languages: Catalan Spanish and English

Box dimensions: 48 x 19.5 x 2.6 cm

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Ajuntament de Besalú
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